A pile of bird beads

15 Jun

I just checked, and I’ve only been making birds for about three weeks, but it feels like it’s been ages. I have made boatloads of them in that time, learning how to pull a slightly curved beak, what makes a more pleasing bird shape, and I’m getting a better handle on perfectly indented eyes.

So, what to do with all the birds piling up? Some of them are becoming earrings and posted on my etsy site, http://www.etsy.com/shop/ImperialMoth. And the rest have been going up on bead auction pages on Facebook, for others to make the birds into baubles.

Hot pink seems to be a perennial favorite, since they are so bright and cheery, but my personal favorite are the Cosmic Birds. Check out this nebular goodness!

I love their little unusual galaxy heads, and I’m totally going to make more. Space birds, assemble!

Some other recent favorites:

I want hundreds of them!

On a side note, I’m coming closer to achieving my venus fly trap dreams. I have to remake the cane, but I think it might do the trick..


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