Pack it up pack it in

22 May

There is an impending move looming in my immediate future. I’ve packed endless boxes, and one of the final challenges is the lampwork studio. I’m leaving with a lot more glass than I moved here with, and I am NOT looking forward to hauling it anywhere! I’m not ready to say goodbye to the torch just yet. At least there’s still a whole week to go before it absolutely must be packed up.

Recently it’s been mostly earring pairs, although there are several pairs of birds in the kiln right now. Their shape certainly needs refined, but I’m happy with how they look so far. The main discovery is that I can do two on a mandrel, side-by-side, which I couldn’t handle a month ago. Turns out if you leave off the wings and give them dinky tails, it’s entirely manageable.

A couple of these earrings have a new frit mix I got from Melanie Graham’s etsy site:

It’s called Jabberwock, and after admiring it for some months, I finally got a bit to try out. I think it’s beautiful–check out the reddish and purple-blue tones that came out! I’ll definitely be getting more of it when I run out.


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