9 May

A while back, I wrote about wanting to make a venus flytrap anemone in glass. I thought of a few ways to potentially make that happen, including:

  1. Sculpture
  2. Some kind of murrini manipulation

The second avenue got me looking for all types of floral murrini beads people have made, and then lead me to floral implosions. A floral implosion might do the trick. If you want to be awestruck by some glasswork, look up the work of Elena Hernberg. She “grows flowers” in glass, and they are stunning.

As luck would have it, a recent issue of Soda Lime Times features Hernberg’s work on the cover, because, gasp, she wrote a tutorial on how to make these pendants. So I’ve been practicing and practicing and running out of oxygen all over again, trying to grow a flower in glass.

Attempts 1-3, from left to right:


It’s hard to tell, but there is some progress being made! At least, with every iteration, I know of at least one thing I can definitely do to improve the next one. Anyway, I’m so grateful that she put this tutorial out into the world.

Selling earrings is now sustaining the cost of my oxygen tanks, which is good, because these pendants are eating through oxygen at an alarming rate.

Alarming! 🙂



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