Torch Time

7 Mar

Every few days it gets warm enough to burn through some oxygen. I’ve been working on a mish-mash of things, but mostly right now the focus is on some new silver glass.

I love the way the glass curdles the ivory, and the different oil-slick colors that emerge. I’m trying to get a little more control over the reaction, because it can either go a golden metallic luster, or richly colored metallic luster, and it would be more useful if I could use flame chemistry to choose which flavor I want in the moment.

Then, I did a another set inspired by the soap of a friend, which was inspired by the Obscurus from the recent movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


This set was a lot of fun. The glasses were super stiff, which made the twists kind of a pain, but I”m so pleased with how it turned out. The design is still partially raised.

Other than that, there is a commission I’m working on that is a little tricky to figure out, and I’m wanting to make another necklace set, based on old Polaroid photo colors and Summer.  Current major goal is to continue working on fine stringer application.


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