Murrini adventures and Soap Collabs

26 Feb

Recently a friend told me that his wive, who makes soap, was thinking to design a soap based off of some earrings I made for her. These are the earrings:


Then, she posted a photo of a beautiful bar of cold-process soap, decorated with pink piped sakura blossoms on a blue base, and it was my turn to be inspired.


I spent an hour at the torch figuring out how to make a floral murrini, ended up with a nice pull of several inches of nice cane. Of course, the oxygen tank was running on empty after all of this, so there was only time to race the clock and make a single bead. While my encasement technique definitely needs work, the pretty pink flower turned out well, and it’s fun to see the bead and soap next to each other. Hopefully we can keep bouncing inspiration off each other.

The other plus side to this is the leftover cane I have. I practiced applying murrini on a few beads, and I think I’m getting the hang of it, encasement issues notwithstanding.


Murrini chips ready for application.



Blossom bead, a pretty large focal, compared to my usual stuff.

The large floral focal was a nice exercise in dichroic layering, and I’m happy to see the sparkle wasn’t burned out, which I have been guilty of doing on several occasions. If I were to redo all of this, I would have pulled the murrini chips into points first, so the flower would appear to close on the inside, and I would also have used a thinner dark core on the floral cane itself. that abyss is a little overwhelming at the center of each bloom. I’m still not sure how I feel about the random bumpiness of the whole thing. Needs more work!



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