Dr. Weevil

18 Feb



Dr. Weevil

The objective: Make a whimsical beetle bead. It will be colorful. There will be polka dots and flowers and above all else, a long-ass snout that defies all reason. There may be bow ties or business suits or polka dotted dresses. I don’t know why the dots are important but they just are.

The problem: I have no idea what I’m doing: I know the look I want to achieve but nothing about the execution. Therefore, I’m just throwing myself into it and seeing if I can ham-fist my way into making a bead and putting a weevil on it. Something something stringer control. Something something melt in slowly.

I’m going to take it one at a time and see where that takes me.

Weevil #1!

This is the first time I used a stringer to twist two colors together, so I’m pleased to see how that worked out. I did it on both sides, which was a mistake, as I tried to put weevil legs over that one and it’s a total eyesore. The legs look creepy, don’t know what to do about that yet. I think just making them smoother will give them less of a creepshow vibe. The snout went beautifully, and I’m also pretty happy with the hair-thing stringer antennae/mustache.  I accidentally gave him a beauty mole by getting black stringer onto the snout. Eyeballs are good and buggy, abdomen needs a lot of work.

Weevil #2


I consider this Weevil Improvement. There is some background, even if the flower petals are too light to see and the stem/leaf are a bit out of control. I nailed the cartoonish look, and the snout is still excellent. I need snout excellent above all else! The polka dots are cute, even if I hoped for evenly sized dots. Legs are too thick, but less creepy, but also poorly oriented. The abdomen still needs work. Unrelated to the weevil, but the flat tab shape gave me hell, although that is nothing new.

I’m happy with the supporting staff beads. The pea green does not look green when in a stringer, so it will need to be replaced with a darker green or encased with a darker transparent green. A darker blue would have been nice, too. The intention is to make twenty weevils to gain skills in stringer control, melting in flat, shaping flat tabs, and planning layout.

Thus begins the story of Dr. Weevil.


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